Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Father's Scrapbook

I have finally finished a book I started for my father. I made it for his 70th birthday - in February 2009!

I have placed a poem inside the flap of the front cover...

The first page is "Who is Felipe?"
I love the wonderful photos I found of him when he was young (or should I say, younger?)

The following pages are side by side - "Son" and "Brother"...
These are photos I found of his parents as well as his brothers and sister.

Then "Husband" and "Traveler" ...
There were many to choose from of him with my mom.
The traveler photos are from our trip to Norway last August.

"Worker" and "Friend"...
My father is the hardest worker that I know. I found an old newsletter from Zenith Electronics Corp., where he worked for 25 YEARS until 1997(?). After that, he's not been able to STAY retired! He has built, fixed or remodeled kitchens, trellises, patios, bathrooms, garages, fences, basements, and an assortment of other jobs for the homes of me and my siblings. The man cannot sit still! He's my HERO!

"Father" ...
These are just a few awesome photos of the wonderful 70s.
We had a 1968 Chevy Nova. Sweeeeeet!
The second page gives only a handful of examples of the great things my dad could do. For some reason, the photographer is the one I remember best.

Eleven (11) grandchildren are his pride and joy! You can see it in his face when there's some gathering with any of the kids there.

AND - This is the last page of the book. I've mounted the words to a beautiful song by Rafael Amor from Argentina. In En el Camino, the author tells of things he has learned "along the way"...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week

I've made a card for my son's Third Grade Teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day. The class will throw her a surprise party tomorrow. He's written her a message inside. Sorry, I also made a little pocket inside for a gift card to - what else? - the craft store!

Inside will also be a bookmark we made. Johan really got a kick out of the "My Teacher is Classy" message.
Front and Back of the Bookmark.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Elisa's First Communion

Here's a card I've made for my niece Elisa's First Communion tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting - Have a great weekend!