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Papercraft Star Challenge 18

This week's challenge at Papercraft Star is a Thank You Themed project using metal, dry embossing, and die cuts. Here's my entry...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ScrappeHuset: Skap DITT mesterverk

Scrapping your masterpiece, the challenge at ScrappeHuset this month doesn't seem so easy. But if you have BOXES of photos of your parents when they were young, it's almost hard to pass up the opportunity.

I've done this LO for my parents' 50th Wedding Anniversary book.

Here's my father as a strapping young 18-year old. I've written out a song in Spanish by the Argentinian, Rafael Amor under the photo. It's called A mi la calle (For me, the street). It's about life lived and learned on the street. One thing is my father's walk, always steady whether in success or failure. And my father's walk is a characteristic I find unique in him. Joy is something else that the street has taught him, and the song says that he knows his children will leave by the same street. Friendship and truth are also a couple of other lessons of life learned on the street. I've also found an old photo online of a major street in Mexico City, where I think my father may very well have lived and learned the first half of his life.

For now, this is my masterpiece, as I try to catch up on their 50th Anniversary book...

And here's the song:


A mí la calle me dio este acento
mitad ternura y resentimiento,
la desconfianza del que ha vivido,
siempre a los golpes y está advertido.

A mí la calle me ha dado amores,
unos fugaces, otros traidores.
Por que me duelen los desengaños,
ya no es tan fácil hacerme daño.

A mí la calle me ha dado olvidos
y veinte Judas por cada amigo.
A mí la calle me dio verdades
y por decirlas, mil soledades.

Dura la calle, dura como la verdad.
Dura la calle y sabia como la verdad.

A mí la calle me dio este paso,
siempre parejo en gloria o fracaso
y me ha dejado triste el silbido,
que es mi manera de andar conmigo.

A mí la calle me dio esta quieta,
melancolía de los poetas
y hago equilibrio por las aceras,
con lo de niño que aún me queda.

Dura la calle, dura como la verdad.
Dura la calle y sabia como la verdad.

A mí la calle me dio alegrías,
de ver mi sangre reflorecida
en cuatro hijos que ya se sabe,
se marcharán, por la misma calle.

Amo esta calle, la que transito,
como un linyera con mi atadito,
hecho de estrellas y depresiones,
con mis fantasmas y mis canciones.

Dura la calle, dura como la verdad.
Dura la calle y sabia como la verdad.


Chosen - Skissedillaskisse #80 :)

Thank you so much to Carrin at Skissedilla for choosing my layout this week - what a sweetheart!!!

"Denne uka velger jeg meg denne av
Nora! Digger det kule bildet og den enkle men likevel herlige pynten. Takk for masse inspirasjon!"

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Stitch it up! - Wild Orchid Challenge 7

Thanks to Wild Orchid I dusted off the Singer (although it's brand new). They want to see stitching for challenge #7. I've used one of their blue roses with some aster daisies. The image is Love Flutterby from Phindy's Place.