Sunday, October 28, 2018

AgiArt Flower JV - FINAL

~ I'm in the FINAL ~

I'm joining the Final with my five stages of the Flower Challenge at AgiArt.

PINK (foamiran)

BLUE (fabric)

YELLOW (watercolor paper)

WHITE (white cardstock)

RED (foamiran, patterned paper, white cardstock)

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AgiArt Flower JV - Stage 5

These are my RED Flowers for Stage 5 of the Flower Challenge at the AgiArt Blog.
I made them out of foamiran and Christmas patterned paper.

But my favorite is this one on white cardstock.

I have a stamp with a poinsettia pattern. It’s rather small, but I was able to cut out four layers out of that circle.

Please visit the AgiArt Blog to see everyone's RED Flowers!

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Sunday, October 21, 2018

AgiArt Flower JV - Stage 4

Here are my WHITE Flowers for Stage 4 of the Flower Challenge at the AgiArt Blog.

I don’t have poinsettia dies yet, so I had to make up my own Christmas Flowers.

I’ve started out with plain white cardstock.
I wanted a pattern on the paper, but nothing too dark.
I chose a light gray color to stamp a snowflake pattern.

I like to shape the petals with the stylus.

But sometimes I don’t really want to crush the petals too much, so I use a tool to “roll” the petals.

Then we get ready to glue the layers together.

I also tried the stamping, but this time, I heat embossed the pattern with silver.

For the others, I wanted a shade of blue, but not so dark.

So I inked the stamp, but then dabbed off some of the ink with a baby wipe.

 It made a big difference.

And here are close-ups of my Christmas Flowers.

Please head over to the AgiArt Blog to see everyone's white flowers!

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

AgiArt Flower JV - Stage 3


We are moving on to the Yellow Stage of the Flower JV at the AgiArtBlog.

I started these with a wash of yellow on watercolor paper, and then I let it dry.

For some detail, I stamped the paper with a large script stamp in a darker shade of yellow.

And then we shape the petals, and they’re ready to glue together before we decorate the center.

You still have time to join!

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

AgiArt Flower JV - Stage 2


I’m joining Stage 2 of the Flower JV at AgiArt. I have made some BLUE Flowers out of fabric this time.

These are very simple, and all you need is some scrap pieces of fabric.
This is me cutting a very loose interpretation of a "Circle".

It can be any size you want. Mine is about 4 inches in diameter for this flower. 

Begin stitching around the diameter. The color of the thread doesn't matter. You will not be able to see it.

You're making something that almost looks like a little pouch.

Pull the thread to close up the little pouch nice and tight.

Now you can just give it some shape, and you are ready to decorate the center.

My other flowers are just cut with any die.

I spray the pieces with water to moisten just a bit.

And then I simply twist and pinch them together to crumple. This is made easy with the help of the water.

These are with a different die and a different blue fabric.

Now that they are dry, you open them and give them the shape you want. Decorate the centers, and they are ready.

Please head over to the AgiArt Blog to check out more flowers in BLUE!

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

AgiArt Flower JV - Stage 1


I’m joining Stage 1 of the Flower JV at AgiArt. Stage 1 is flowers in any shade of PINK made of ANY material. I’ve made three out of white foamiran dabbed with a Coral Pink.

I'm using THIS set of dies (agi1081) for the small flower:

For this next flower, I used THIS die set (agi1018):

And THIS set for the other flower (agi1173):

Warming the foamiran shapes with a hot iron:

And then squeezing and twisting the petals while they are warm:

I have done that with the petals individually as well as three at a time:

And now to glue them together, I use gel medium:

Having poked a hole in the center, we pull the stamens through with a piece of wire:

Please head over to the AgiArt Blog and join.

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