Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Festive Kaleidoscope - Stage 1

 Hi Everyone!

I made a Birthday Card for Stage 1 of the Festive Kaleidoscope at the Yar-sk Blog.

As required COLOR / SHAPE / MATERIAL for the three stages, I chose to work with CHIP and LACE for the MATERIAL element.

I embossed THIS chip.

I hoped to use the same collection from ScrapMania for the three stages. Therefore, I chose Orange, Green, and Yellow for the COLORS.

For Stage 1, from the list of required elements, I used an INSCRIPTION, a FLOWER, and a CHARM / PENDANT.

I was hoping to post my three items together for the final, but I am still working on a frame and a chocolate box. I did not want to miss the project completely.

Back soon!


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